When Should You Start Taking Your Child to The Dentist?

There is a lot of confusion related to when should you take your child to the dentist, people often think that children do not need dental attention for many years, but the truth is that you should start taking your child for dental check-ups around the time of their first birthday. This is when the start growing their first set of teeth, by having a professional monitor your child’s tooth growth you are able to minimise the chances of any complications that might cause discomfort to your child.

Early age dental check-ups also allow dentists to tackle problems such as crooked teeth growth due to early milk tooth loss, frequent thumb sucking and other reasons. By taking corrective measures before a problem becomes more obvious, you can save your child from discomfort and also eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming procedures.

Kakar Dental Group’s Doctor Sonu Kakar is a superb pediatric dentist who has years of experience in carrying out dental procedures on children. The doctor is quite decorated and his clinic is highly praised for its ability to cater to children in a manner that makes them feel more positive about future visits to the dentist.

The Kakar Dental Group’s staff works together to provide patients with a warm and welcoming environment in which they can feel at ease, one great thing about this clinic is that it provides after hours assistance for emergency situations. If your child has broken a tooth or has a painful cavity and you are an on-record patient there, then no matter the time or the date, they will come to your aid. You can get more details about the clinic and contact their friendly personnel from their website at any time.