What to Expect From Pinnacle’s Latest Project

Pinnacle International is one of those building companies that has been making all kinds of stunning architectural projects come to life for over 30 years now, they’ve also made a number of condo towers in the Mississauga city of Ontario Canada that have been immense successes. The building giant’s latest project is set to become accessible in 2020 and is named PerlaTower, the project has a number of features that make it noteworthy, including a dual tower design, luxurious and spacious condos and a number of much needed amenities.

Perla Towers will have more than 33 storeys that will have condos of varying designs, ranging from 576 square feet to 1082 square feet living spaces, you can expect to find single and double bedroom condos there. Their prices are set to start from three hundred thousand dollars, you can register for the towers from their website and you can also make a booking right now. Located at Watergarden Drive Mississauga, ON L5R 1B2, these condos are in the heart of Mississauga where a number of municipalities are conveniently located.

The first of the two towers is set to launch in July of 2017, meaning the first 33 storeys of the tower are already available for use. While the project is still far from completion, a lot of people have faith in it since its being built by a company with a lot of experience and a great reputation. Perla Towers can be a prime opportunity for investors to put their money into and at the same time it’s a great living option for anyone wishing to find good accommodation in Mississauga, one of Ontario’s best cities. You can get in touch with Perla Tower personnel and learn more about the project today.