Uses For Jump Boots

Jump boots or moon boots, as they are most commonly known, are a phenomenon that has been around since the 1950s. Using these types of shoes is basically like constantly running around on a trampoline at all times. Since it dates back to the 1950s it was something that was initially marketed at children as a toy that they can play with by jumping around in and was given the name ‘moon boots’ because of the moon landing and how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin appeared to be bouncing around when they were walking on the moon. These quickly became very popular and have stuck around ever since then into our current age. However, moon boots are now different than what they initially were. They are no longer marketed only to children, although children can still use them if they want to, but moon boots are now also designed differently to be safer and to be suited to adults who want to use them too.

Nowadays you can use moon boots for multiple things aside from just fund for kids. Many people use moon boots to exercise since they can burn a lot more calories jumping about in moon boots than they would if they were to cover the same distance while just running or jogging. Moon boots can help tone your body quickly and have even become a way for people who have back pain or joint problems to alleviate the pain. Since the boots do not put as much pressure on your joints or back as walking does, they are a great way to reduce the pain you would otherwise feel. Even athletes have begun using moon boots when they are injured to stay in shape. They do not have to put pressure on their bodies but can still get exercise.