The Different Kinds of Squat Racks

If there’s one thing that no gym is complete without, then it’s the squat rack; every gym has one whether it’s a home gym or a public one at a fitness club. Sometimes you’ll walk into a gym for the first time ever and identify the squat rack right away, other times you might not see it at all but it’s still there – it just looks like another piece of equipment. There are many different kind of squat racks and to minimize on the space on rack take, companies try and integrate as many functions in the squat rack as they can, which results in combo racks.Here are a few of the most widely used squat racks according to Top10Perfect.

The Squat Stand

This squat rack is pretty straightforward and does just its job; it’s a set of two separate stands that hoist the Olympic bar at adjustable heights so that you can start and finish your squats at the height that’s most effective for you. It’s light and portable and takes up very little space, making it perhaps the best squat rack for a home gym set up but it does not hold any weight plates that you aren’t using.

The Squat Rack Cage

This particular kind of a rack is heavy duty and take up quite some room, so if you’re interested in one of these, you better have enough room. The safety mechanism is very reliable and it’s sturdy and stable enough to allow for heavy duty exercise.

The Standard Squat Rack

This is the kind of squat rack that you’ll expect to see in a good gym; it doesn’t take up too much room but it holds the bar at many heights and even stores the weights.