The Board of The Future

Skate boarding has been a means of extreme sorts to some and a cooler means of transportation to many others. A lot of kids skate their way to school because it beats walking and is a whole lot faster; however, this does fall into an area of concern for some parents who don’t want their children to even fall off their boards and get hurt.

The traditional skate board takes a lot of time and practice to get used to and even more to be so good at it that there isn’t the risk of your falling off anymore. However, there is a newer kind of board in the market that’s not only cooler looking but also much safer and easier to manoeuvre – the long board is all the rage right now.

Long boards are becoming more and more popular and despite the fact that they’re an easier alternative, many professional skaters are also beginning to endorse them. Long boards may not be the best kind of board to perform cool skateboard tricks and flips because their decks are flat at either ends, unlike the traditional skateboard which curves upwards at either ends.

Long boards have decks that make them way easier to manoeuvre than a regular skate board, this is why they’re the better board when it comes to racing and even skating as a means of transportation; their wider, softer wheels makes it easier for long boards to roll over rougher surfaces with more ease and they have a better grip too.

Before you can buy one of the most perfect longboards for yourself, it pays to do a little more research and try out a few boards before you can make your final choice because unlike skate boards, long boards do offer you many more options.