Smog Checks in California

If any person is unaware of this, the State of California has introduced regular smog checks for vehicles to reduce the amount of pollution and smoke that is in the air. This has been a great step taken by California and is essential to curbing excess emissions being around in the atmosphere. Especially in a state like California where there are millions of cars, having a state mandated check up like this really helps clean up the air and majorly cuts down on the air pollution that was otherwise always present there. The smog checks and inspections are present there to check the emissions of each individual car and then have repairs made accordingly to what is causing the high levels of various emissions to form.

The smog checks are overlooked by California’s own State Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Automotive Repair or the BAR for short. The checks have to be done at a minimum of once every two years and there are more than 7 thousand different independently owned and State licensed garages or stations that can do the checks for you. Most areas have a station or two, for example Ebers Street Garage is the certified smog check place for Ocean Beach. The only other times you need to get smog checks other than the regular two year check is when the car is being sold to someone else. You might also need a separate check if you need to get your vehicles registration renewed at the DMV.

The way this works is that all the gasoline powered cars, alternative fuel consuming cars, and cars that run on a hybrid battery that have been made since the year 1976 need a smog check every second year, 6 years after the model year of the car or 4 after change of owner ship.