Services Offered By Arthur Glosman DDS in California

If you are searching for a new dentist in Beverly Hills then we advise that you do a bit of research on Dr. Arthur Glosman and if you find that he is apt for the job then make him your my dentist in Los Angeles. Dr. Glosman operates in the clinic called Arthur Glosman DDS which is located in the hub of life, Beverly Hills. The clinic has earned recognition through different means because of which the clinic has a huge patient base; out of which many are from other countries.

The team that works with Dr. Glosman is highly skilled and educated in dentistry and knows all the latest methods and techniques of the world of dentistry. The clinic only keeps the most advanced equipment and dental tools which enable the clinic to perform the job without a hitch.

We have prepared a list of services which are offered by Arthur Glosman DDS so without keeping you waiting further, let us check it out.

Dental Fillings

Materials like gold, porcelain, amalgam etc. are used to fill the cavity of the tooth which occurs due to bacteria. Dr. Glosman also renews the old fillings that the patient might have in order to protect the teeth.

Teeth Whitening
This particular service is perfect for those people who have discolored or stained teeth. In this procedure, Dr. Glosman uses Zoom laser teeth whitening technique in which a whitening gel is applied to the teeth and penetrated into the teeth with the help of laser.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are installed in the jaw which provides a base for the artificial teeth that are installed later. On the base, an abutment is placed which holds the prosthetic teeth in place securely.