Professional Lease End/Vacate Cleaning Services

When people live somewhere long enough their bound to leave their mark in some way or another, usually, this mark is left in the form of stains on the walls, dirt gathering in nooks and crannies and more. If you’ve recently bought a vacated home or are moving into a leased out apartment then there’s a chance that the previous owner’s presence might still be in the property, which can make it hard for you to call that place your home. The best way to make any living space feel brand new is to give it a thorough cleaning, this helps get rid of the minutest amounts of filth and eliminate any smells as well.

BOAS is a professional cleaning company that has been operating in Perth for a while now, the company is well-known for the high quality services it provides and for its ability to tackle even the most difficult job. The company offers a wide variety of cleaning services, including a thorough property cleaning service for freshly vacated living spaces, when you hire them to clean out your new living space, the company make sure to clean out the place from top to bottom.

This service includes damp wiping every surface in the area, including furniture, any air conditioners, fans, lights and windows, they also remove cobwebs, any stains on the walls and clean any tiles. The company uses a powerful dual pump to get rid of grout, they also has a state of the art steam cleaning machine that is used to clean out carpets and upholstery, they can even help you get rid of stubborn oil stains from anywhere in your home. You can read more about their services and find the company’s contact details from over there as well.