Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Luxury

The luxury of getting a massage every week is not possible for everyone because massages can be expensive and not everyone has the budget for it. We advise that you invest in a massage chair rather than getting a massage every day because buying a massage chair is an investment as it will repay you every time that you use it and you can use it whenever you want.

Massage therapists use a chair in every massage therapist but they use best massage chair for therapists and only a therapist can put it to good use. There is a difference between the chairs that are used by therapist and the ones that are sold for everyone at home. The ones that are for therapist are just built with upholstery and the frame. The one built for homes is designed in a way that is incorporated with technology that massages the body of the user.

The EP-MA70 is designed by Panasonic and aims the hands, arms, shoulders, hips, thighs, calves etc. which means that it provides a full body massage. It is the first chair to provide the heated roller heads which provides the heat necessary for the massages.

The 3D massage technology of the chair makes it the best massage chair in the market. The chair houses four massage heads which gives the feeling of getting massaged by a real person hence it is said to be 3D technology. The chair scans the back of the user and massages according to the pressure points on the back. The best thing about the massage chair is that it is programmed for the pressure points of the different parts of the body because of which an accurate massage is given.