Paediatric Services in Perth

While it is extremely important that your child gets the best healthcare from a qualified paediatrician who can monitor their growth and help you raise your child through the crucial first years the best, it is also important that you know where to take your child if they’re ever in a condition where they need to be operated on for treatment.

A paediatrician is often confused with a paediatric surgeon but they’re really not the same thing; your paediatrician will provide you advice regarding your child’s health and provide medical treatments for a number of illnesses that may affect them at any point. A paediatric surgeon is a very specialised surgeon who knows how to perform surgeries on the fragile, growing bodies of children. Unlike adults, a child’s body needs extra care that only a skilled paediatric surgeon can provide.

For more information about paediatric surgery in Perth, Western Australia, visit to learn more about the services offered by Dr Jill Orford. Dr Jill specialises in the treatment of a condition known as tongue tie, which inhibits the mobility of a child’s tongue; if left untreated, this condition can worsen and get to a point where the child can’t learn to eat food or speak properly.

There are many possible ailments in a child’s earlier years that require surgery, skin lumps can develop and these need to surgically be removed from the skin to stop to stop their spread. There can be certain birth defects in children that need to be surgically corrected to ensure proper growth; these are called congenital anomalies and if not operated on by a very skilled paediatric surgeon, these will affect a child’s growth greatly. You can consult with Dr Jill about any such anomalies in your child’s crucial years before it’s too late.