Neon Signs: The Problem

A of us love looking at neon signs outside diners, beside motels and other parts. That is namely because we associate them with the 80s and other older eras, the fact that they are also associated with other art deco movements tend to add upto the hype. Plus, it also looks very old-school Hollywood. So, if you happen to be in the midst of opening a business of your own, chances are that you have considered getting a neon sign.

However, regardless of all of its advantages and the aesthetic it gives, neon signs do have a couple of disadvantages, some of which might end up outweighing the pros.

• First of all, neon signs do not last as long. They essentially run on noxious gases in the tubing, so one it runs out, it needs another refill, which unfortunately is quite often.

• Speaking of noxious gases, neon signs are filled with them, and these harmful gases end up being released into the environment, so you end up damaging the environment and essentially other people, who end up inhaling this.

• Let’s face it, no matter how nice you might find neon lights, a lot of other people might find them tacky, and at the end of the day, you need to put the customer’s needs before your own.

• Neon lights also do not go well with every kind of business. If you happen to be running a certain type of eatery, or are aiming for an overall theme, then yes they can go along. However, if you aren’t doing that, it will just end up standing out in the worst way possible. If you still are not sure and want to get another opinion, you can consult the experts at Kingman Visual to help give you a better idea.