Looking For an Experienced Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in NJ?

According to recent survey about 11k spinal injuries occur each year in US alone out of which around 80% are male patients. Many of these back and spinal injuries are due to vehicle accidents and because of old age of the patient. The people who suffer from constant back pain or spinal disc pain feel very isolated because of the nature of their disease and their family also suffers emotionally each day seeing them in constant pain. Back pain can arise at any age or part of life and if you spend most of the day sitting in front of your computer than your chances of getting spinal cord injuries increase dramatically. No matter how hard we try to take care of our back’s health our workplaces and business demands us to be in seated position for a long period of time causing gradual immobility in the spinal discs which overtime develops into complications such as broken discs, slanted spine, or sharp lower back pain.

The people living in the developed countries such as US or Canada are more susceptible to getting lower back pains and this is the reason each year thousands of people are looking out for reliable orthopedic and spine surgeons. In New Jersey Doctor Joshua S. Rovner, M.D. is considered one of the best among the certified orthopedic surgeons and he is known for his minimally invasive techniques which reduces the chances of getting major surgeries and decreases the time of the actual surgery. If you have developed a sharp back pain while at work or while lying in bed at night then you should definitely consider consulting with him. He is licensed to practice in NY and NJ, and if you want to know more about him make sure to check out his website newjerseyspinesurgeon.com.