Is Digital Art True Art?

We live in a world that is vastly different from the one we knew just a decade ago. Now, everything has started to become digitized. You can make music with just a single laptop, doing things that would have taken an entire studio within a single software that would handle everything for you. A similar trait can be seen in the world of drawing and painting. Digital art is starting to make headway, but a lot of artists are asking the question: is digital art true art?

After all, for the longest time art was about mixing paints yourself and finding new and beautiful colors that you can utilize. It was about how you stroked the brush against the canvas, and how your fingers were able to control the pencil if you were sketching. People tend to think that digital art is soulless and that true artists do not dabble in things like that. However, digital art is not just soulful, it is the way of the future for anyone that wants to remain relevant in the coming years.

You see, digital art may take away some of the more physical aspects of producing art, but at the same time it opens up avenues to help you do things that you would have never been able to do had you been using a simple canvas and paintbrush. This means that you can innovate by using a tablets for artists, make works of art that have never been seen before and really push the envelope of art in general allowing you to be seen as a visionary. Art is all about progress. It is important that you get with the times and adopt modern technology before you end up becoming obsolete and irrelevant!