How Prank Candles Came To Be

You must be wondering how prank candles came into being. Well, a group of friends was drunk and one of them started joking about candles which would smell like Apple pie and later like a deadly fart. Everyone had a good laugh. Never had they ever imagined they would ever come out with such candles. After all, it was a drunken idea which made no sense in that moment.

This group of friends put a little thought later to this idea when they became sober and came out with these amazing candles which the entire world got crazy about and let us not forget the internet. They didn’t know what happened but they had thousands of orders in their hands as day by day their candles crossed different people and finally went viral.

They recall on their official website that it was back in the year 2015 on the April fool’s day. They were drunk and such ideas came by which made no sense at the start and now that they think of it, they are truly amazed at their drunken idea aka prank candles became such a hit.

Prank Candles is just not your average gift store. It is where you visit and find the most interesting things ever. Let me warn you that this store is not for too serious individuals because they have nothing for you here. All sorts of nasty candles and other gifts are present here for you to select from. In fact, every item has a wide variety.

No matter what special moment it is: father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day or some other special day. Prank Candles always has your back. You can place your order on their official website and also browse into categories and different products that are available. Happy shopping!