Have You Tasted Basil Box in Toronto?

Asian cuisine offers the most unique and diverse from of food which is mouthwatering and addictive. Canadians are big fans of foreign authentic food and there is a big trend of Southeast Asian food in Toronto. Basil Box is one of the top destinations for locals looking for Asian food and the restaurant is known for its creativity and innovations. They offer Thai and Vietnamese mixed food with the setup or procedure similar to Chipotle or Subway where you go through multiple steps to fill up you meal box. With a base of rice or noodles you can get thousands of combination and every time you taste something new.

Basil Box
is your ultimate cost effective healthy meal which would leave you addicted to its taste and nutrition value. The food is full of high quality nutrients and the food would be healthy for you to eat daily due to its zero preservatives. If you are new to the place the staff is friendly and would be glad to guide you to make the right choice. Once you choose your starch, you are supposed to go through various steps to complete the Basil Box.

The meal options are sophisticated and you need to be health oriented to enjoy the maximum benefits as this food is not just for the taste. Jasmine rice is considered to be their best option for starch due to its refreshing fragrance and unique taste. For vegetable step you are given many options like lemongrass corn and sautéed peppers. Each flavor has its own taste with hints of authenticity in it. For beverages you get a nice variety which includes Thai iced tea, Pineapple rose soda, and other healthy drinks that complement the food perfectly.