Experience or Education, What Makes a Lawyer Better?

While education is certainly an extremely important aspect of what can make a lawyer extremely confident, one more thing that you should consider is the fact that a lot of lawyers are going to end up being rather ineffectual if they do not have the right amount of experience.

The thing is, there is only so much that you can learn about law from a book. An attorney certainly needs to know certain things by heart, but the more experience that they have the more likely they are to understand the real world applications of the laws that they are studying. Without experience, an attorney is going to be unable to understand how to use the knowledge they possess effectively.

When an attorney gets experience, their efficiency and effectiveness grows a great deal. This is one of the reasons why an attorney with experience is going to be more highly regarded than a fresh graduate from a prestigious law school. The fresh graduate has yet to prove himself, and it is only when he enters a courtroom for the first time that he would understand that a lot of what he learned in law school is going out the window. That being said, education is obviously very important too because high end institutions are going to equip lawyers with a solid platform on which to build their experience.

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