Everything Not So Heavy

Tired and looking for night on the town? Perth has many amazing local bars and restaurants where one can go down and relax for a while. And really, why do we love going to restaurants? It can’t just be the food since with enough practice, effort and patience we could craft those full-blown gourmet meals in our own very homes. Yet we’d rather not do any of that but enjoy a bite to eat and there are many different places to get that done depending on your company and the kind of outing the group is looking for.

For example, cafes are popular for mostly teenagers and young adults. They provide a relaxing and informal setting where their customers can socialize without the stiff formality that society often has. The setting being informal however doesn’t make these kinds of locales to be appropriate for an older audience. Restaurants themselves are much more formal and appropriate for many of the elder folks to enjoy. The bar, is a mix between the formal and informal where people can come, eat, dine and drink. Many bars are restaurants themselves and you can, depending on your company, the experience you get at the bar is sure to be one to enjoy every time you go.

One such great bar is Gramercy Bar and Kitchen. Located in Central Park Perth, they go a step further in the experience and now resides in the building that was once home to a locally quite well-known restaurant. As such, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say it’s in one of the most popular areas of Western Australia! Enjoying many gorgeous views in an area with historical significance, the Gramercy Bar and Kitchen lets you enjoy anything from a gourmet meal to a light snack. You can see more at http://gramercybarandkitchen.com.au/.