Endings to Beginnings

It’s unlikely that there’s anything in this world that hasn’t been touched in some way by technology. A misconception here is that technology involves strictly, products that are electrical in some way such as our computers and TVs. But the tractors on the farm as well as those mass-produced dustbins are also the efforts of technology and the impact it has made in the lives of mankind is an immeasurable and possibly irrefutable one. From simple salvagers crafting makeshift spears to fend for ourselves in the cold, we’ve gone to practically being on top of the world as a species and it’s all thanks for our innovation and ability to invent.

On the flip side of this coin, we have used technology well up to the point that it has become detrimental to many people. More people invest their time into different techs that they might forget about the people around them. Having anything in excess can have negative implications and that is precisely the source of this unease. Yet when all is said and done, the beneficial factors to the use of technology are far too many to disregard in their own right and if we ourselves learn to practice moderation, technology will more likely be a boon then a detriment.

Specific interests or entire jobs are influenced by different kinds of techs. Some say there use to be a profession called the “knocker-up” whose sole purpose was to go around the neighbourhood and rouse the residents of different households so that they could all begin to perform their duties and go to their jobs for the day. Now that we have more technologically reliable ways like alarm clocks to keep us wake us up in the morning, the profession of a knocker-up is completely irrelevant now.