Details About The Different Kinds of Events That Are Organized by an Excellent Boat Charter Company in Sydney

Near the Sydney Harbour, there are many people who know how to sail professionally and fewer still who would offer their boat to others for sailing. Kylie Noble was fond of sailing and in 2003, she decided to share her passion with other people too so she established the company which is known as East Coast Sailing. The company is successful due to her dedication towards it and due to the continuous hard work of the crew who put their heart and soul into making the company a success.

The company not only offers boat hire but they also run a sailing school which offers different levels to learn sailing. In these lessons, the person gets hands on learning and experience on a yacht, certificates, training by professionals etc. The students who take up these courses are known to greatly benefit from them and learn sailing in a proper manner.

Other than the school, the company offers yachts, luxurious boats and catamarans to the client for their events. The best thing about the company is that the company not only rents out the boats, they also offer to organize and manage the client’s events for them. The business is apt at providing the clients with different facilities which includes providing scrumptious food too.

There are different types of events that are usually organized by the company:

Birthday Parties

Many of the clients contact the company to have birthday parties aboard yachts so the company organizes the whole event; especially keeping in mind to personalize it according to the client’s wishes.

Hens And Bucks Parties

Often hens and bucks contact the company to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties on yachts or catamarans.