Cost of Shifting Upright And Grand Piano

Upright piano’s cost a fortune. You must have saved whole a lot of money to buy one. The thing about these instruments is that they require a lot of maintenance and must be treated with utmost care once you’ve decided to shift them.

Depending on the design of the model and size, upright piano’s can weigh up to 800 pounds, however; grand pianos can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Your precious instrument can get seriously damaged if you do not hand in the right hands.

You are not just risking your piano but also the lives of individuals dealing with it. No matter what the case is, moving your piano upstairs or to a different country, you must higher movers who are skilled and know exactly how to handle so much weight without damaging it.

There are many piano movers in Minneapolis you can choose from. There are certain factors that decide the rate of the job. Certain shifting cases do not require a lot of individuals but need to be delivered at a long distance while others such as grand piano require a lot of manpower to shift but needs to be delivered within the State.

Basically, it all depends on the situation you are stuck in.  If you are hiring someone who is based in a different city then that would cost a lot more than the usual.

If you are planning to shift your piano within the United States then you must consider piano movers Minneapolis as they’re the best you can get. You can get connected now by dialing 612-260-4281. You can also email them at or visit a representative at this address: 2251 49th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55430.