Can a High Quality Perfume Affect Your Mood or Work Performance?

Most of us spend at least a good ten minutes in front of the mirror every morning before leaving for work or school. This ratio might increase for women as they tend to be more conscious about how they look and how they are perceived by other people they interact with. We tend to feel better when we get compliments on our new haircut or a newly bought dress because we all need some form of affirmation from others in order to feel good about our own self. You might not consider it a big deal but putting on a high quality perfume can work wonders for you. Whether you got off working out at the local gym or completed your daily 2 miles run, there are many situations where a nice fragrant perfume is all you need.

Wearing your favorite perfume on a stressful day can actually alleviate your mood and boast your morale to keep on going without giving up. If you are workplace internal environment increases your stress and makes you feel fatigued very quickly, then a nice and fresh scent might change your mood and help you focus on your life goals in much better way. You might experience panic attacks or phases of depression which are very hard to go through. During those times dressing up and applying appealing scents can make things better.

Just like wearing a tuxedo or suit can make you feel more self-confident and increase your happiness inducing hormones, a perfume can function the same way on any given day. Wearing your favorite scent will not only make you more appealing to the opposite gender but you will good about yourself. Try pheromone perfume be more attractive to others.