Cambodia – Hidden Treasure

One of the most beautiful places in the Southeastern region is Cambodia. It might not be fit for your vacations after you research but through James Frazer Mann’s travel diaries, we have discovered that a completely new side of the city.

Cambodia is Angkor’s ancient city and is in its developing phase from the war at the moment. It might be difficult to digest but the city has a rich history, gorgeous coastlines, and amazing food.

Many locals are still recovering from the war that took place between years 1975 and 1979. Around 2 to 3 million Cambodian’s were brutally killed. The war is very much a part of their fears. Many are still going through the trauma as they lost their loved ones during the Khmer Rouge regime genocide.

There has not been much development in the region as most of the politicians are corrupt and have sold the land to investors across the globe. No matter what the situation may be, James has fallen in love with the city as many times as he visited.

He has recommended the place to those who are interested in discovering new people and understand cultures and witness how these people live and celebrate their lives. The city is not for someone who travels once a year looking for fun and entertainment.

An important reminder is that the locals do not use the local currency in the region which is Cambodian Riels. As surprising as it sounds, you require dollars (USD). Do not skip the local currency completely as you might need a very little amount of it while shopping on the street or others.

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