Australian Tourist Visa Experts

Australia has a lot to offer that makes it a great tourist location, the country draws in people looking to enjoy its wild side as well people wishing to explore its bustling cities and various man made attractions. Planning a trip to another country requires plenty of planning and preparation, one of the most important steps being getting a tourist visa that allows you to pass the country’s border without any trouble. There are three types of tourist visas available for Australia, each having its own requirements and regulations, knowing which visa you should apply for is important, yet it can confusing at times.

Fortunately there are various immigration firms out there that exist to help people get the right visas in the right time, Salvo Migration is one such firm that has been doing its work for numerous years now. This migration firm provides one with professional consultation and advice that enables them to pick a visa type that suits their requirements, the firm also helps one obtain the visa by guiding them throughout the application process. The three requirements that are common for all kinds of tourist visas for Australia are that one should be able to prove that they plan on staying in the country temporarily and that they can support themselves financially throughout their stay, they should also be mentally and physically healthy.

Depending on what kind of passport you have, you can obtain an electronically Tourist Authority Visa (ETA), a eVistitor visa, both of which have a limit of up to three months, or you could get a Visitor visa which can let you stay in the country for up to 12 months. More detailed information on each type of visa can be found at, along with all that you need to know about Salvo Migration.