Are You Allergic to Dogs or Other Pets?

You might have experienced a sudden nose running or sneezing while in the presence of a pet dog. This is a clear indication that you are allergic to pet’s allergen and your body reacts differently to pet’s allergen such as saliva, urine, or dander. Dander or dead skin cells are also known for disrupting the immune systems of people with sensitive systems and it is strongly recommended to avoid being near pets. Some people feel more allergic when they are near a certain breed of dog so this is also an important thing that you need to be aware about. Usually it is said that people who have airborne allergies have extra sensitive immune systems and their systems consider pet’s allergen such saliva as a foreign body so they force the body to feel all the symptoms as a built-in alarm.

If you are allergic to dogs you would feel tingling sensation near the edge of your eyes and inside your nostrils whenever you are near a dog. Our upper respiratory system is very sensitive and if it is triggered our whole body can break down. Some people even experience hay fever when in contact with pollen that often clings it to pet’s skin. Knowing your body is very vital as this would help you take precautionary measure whenever a pet is near you. If you own a pet then it is very important to be strict when it comes to creating no-pet zones in your house. Staying in those areas would help you isolate from the allergens that are freely roaming in other rooms. The Global Dispatch is a website that offers deep insights to people who are allergic to dogs and they have mentioned very useful tips on how you can relieve your dog allergy. Check out this page for more information.