44 Storeys of Real Estate Perfection

Canada is a sprawling country with a number of great cities, and since the city life there has a lot to offer, many people find the idea of settling in cities such as Toronto or Montreal to be pretty attractive. However, finding a well located property to settle down in a city is not easy, and with more and more people trying to populate already bustling cities, Canada has seen a rise in the number of condominiums being built in prime locations within the city. These projects provide great living spaces in conveniently placed locations and are a great place to invest in, whether for buying a home for selling off in the future to make a hefty profit.

Toronto has a number of condos in it that have received staggering responses and there are a number of projects being worked on for the future as well. One of the most promising of these being the 2nd phase of E2 Condos, a project headed by Metropia and Bazis Inc. two renowned companies that are planning on erecting a 44 storey tall tower by 2021. E2 condos has a lot to promise, the project will consist of 450 living units of various sizes, along with a number of other amenities and more.

One of the best things about the E2 project is its location, the tower shall be only a few minutes away from various attractions that Toronto has to offer, platinum registrations are already available and are quickly being booked. E2 is a project that everyone should keep their eyes on, it promises a lot and judging by its already completed first phase, the tower definitely delivers what it says. You can learn more about the project at its website and make bookings from there as well.